PileBlocks is a play-to-earn strategy game where players complete images from tiles together.

Current game: “Oak Paradise”, 01.11.2022 - 30.11.2022


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Game Rules

Every month our community selects one of the Solana's NFTs.

We cut this NFT into 100 pieces (10 x 10), and each such piece becomes an independent territory that players capture at a certain point of time, one by one.

A territory iteself is a 32 x 32 tiles field which has one of the following minerals: Pylonius (P), Ingolius (I), Lamberius (L), Etherius (E).

When all the 100 territories are captured, the NFT goes to the first player who trades it for an agreed-on amount of the minerals. For example, an NFT could cost 5 Pylonius + 3 Ingolius + 1 Lamberius + 10 Etherius.

Thus, the strategy is to capture as much territories as possible, get as much minerals as you can, and be the first to trade the minerals for the NFT.

A territory starts producing minerals once players put all its 32x32 = 1024 tiles on the board.

Only the player who captures the territory, the winner, gets the corresponding mineral. The app chooses the winner on the probability basis from top-3 players who receive the biggest number of points while putting the tiles. For example, if
Player 1 has 70 points,
Player 2 has 20 points,
Player 3 has 10 points,
then Player 1 has the 70% probability to win. Read the detailed rules.

Normally, 1 point = 1 put tile, but players can get extra points within the game.

Players can sell the minerals on the market or use them to create the in-play inventory which gives them boost and puts the competitors behind.


Q1 2023

Launch on Solana with the support for Phantom and Metamask

Q2 2023

Set up strong partnerships with prominent Solana artists and studios and drive user engagement

Q3 2023

Grow community and expand to BNB and ETH


Does the project have a token already?

Yes, our token is PILE and it is available on the official Everscale DEX. The pegged version of the token is available on BNB. Using the Octus Bridge, players can move the token between blockchains and convert it into other tokens as USDT, USDC, ETH.

What is the current token distribution?

The distribution and our early game statistics is available here.

What is the utility of PILE?

Firstly, the token is necessary to start the game since players must lock some of their PILE balance to enter the competition for a territory. The more tokens they lock, the quicker they start receiving tiles to cover the territory.

Secondly, every player's move requires some PILE gas to proceed.

Thirdly, the in-game boosters can be acquired on the market only for PILE. Thus, the tougher the competition for a territory, the more valuable the PILE token becomes as the number of the boosters is limited, and they burn after being applied one time.

Finally, players capture territories and get the minerals that can be sold for PILE on the market.

Why did you decide to implement the game on Everscale and is it necessary to get a custom wallet to play?

Each game requires up to 1024 moves to capture a territory, so it is necessary to rely on a blockchain with a great throughput and cheap transaction costs. Everscale perfectly satisfied these requirements allowing to remain in Solidity which gives the necessary level of ease of use, flexibility and performance. Currently we're doing our best to provide convenient means to our players: They will be able to use Metamask, Phantom or other popular wallets to run transactions and charge their play balance soon.

When will you expand to other blockchains?

With the technology offered by Everscale it is relatively easy to embrace new blockchains: The game will create a temporary wallet and charge it from the bridge under the hood. Once a player decides to cash out, they will automatically receive their tokens from the same bridge. Currently this works for ETH EVMs (BNB, Polygon, Etherium), but soon enough this will expand to Solana.

How are you going to attract players?

Firstly, our previous games show that the game itself is pretty catchy. It has a perfect balance between a casual game with simple rules and 15 min gameplay and the complexity of the strategies offered by in-game inventory. Another hot thing is an affiliate program: A player who refers his friends gets 25% from gas they spend each move lifetime!