After being a safe and prosperous place for decades, the planet Pile gets agonized after a sudden meteor rain contaminating it with poisonous substances. Would you join our mission to bring its Islands back to life?

Current game: “The Magic of Solana Lands”, 01.09.2022 - 31.09.2022

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The Story

The inhabitants, native silicon-based life forms, suffer from mutations and macabre devastating deceases unseen before.

The recent studies report however that these wrecking substances, P-Toxins, crystallized and combined in certain proportions , can serve for the good by synthesizing any given NFT.

Eco-activists and NFT hunters are on a run to chase personal and humanity goals to save the planet and fill their pockets.

To extract the desired NFT, volunteers cover an infected island with a protective layer consisting of 10 x 10 pieces. One hundred territories in total.

Everybody helps others to cover each territory with tiles. They work in cooperation, however the community tracks each member’s impact.

Once people cover the complete territory, the P-Toxins become harmless for the ecosystem allowing them to build mines for the crystal extraction. Community grants the honor to farm the crystals to one of the most active and productive participants.

After volunteers build the protective cover over all 100 territories, the NFT synthesis begins. The first person who has enough crystals can exchange them for the NFT. After this, community selects the new NFT and moves to the next infected island. Read more.

Every noble volunteer on Pile can use the native creatures and artifacts to prove their dedication and contribution or unleash their dark intentions.


Does the project have a token already?

No, the token will be issued in Solana using the special token generators - NFT cards which create PILE tokens when you stake them.

What is the current token distribution?

The initial distribution is 10M PILE tokens.

What is the utility of PILE?

Firstly, the token is necessary to start the game since players must lock some of their PILE balance to enter the competition for a territory. The more tokens they lock, the quicker they start receiving tiles to cover the territory.

Secondly, every player's move requires some PILE gas to proceed.

Thirdly, the in-game boosters can be acquired on the market only for PILE. Thus, the tougher the competition for a territory, the more valuable the PILE token becomes as the number of the boosters is limited, and they burn after being applied one time.

Finally, players capture territories and get the minerals that can be sold for PILE on the market.


Founder. Tech & Strategy  
Co-Founder. Marketing & Hype
Front-End Developer
Full-stack Developer
Collection Artist
Just Jii
Lead Artist


  • NFT mint
  • $PILE LP
  • $PILE staking tool
  • TVM to Solana smart-contracts migration
  • PileBlocks closed beta
  • Public launch
  • Pileblocks white label